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Living in the beautiful county of Shropshire we are used to breathing in fresh air and spending time amongst stunning natural scenery. We would like to keep it that way!
At Archie Living we only develop and sell products that are not damaging for the environment and match the values of our family and friends.
Before we set out on a product we must be sure that it meets this criteria;
1. It isn’t damaging to the environment
2. It is ethical, both in its usage and in how it is manufactured. We always need to get to know our manufactures to ensure that they share our values.
3. It’s actually useful to you
4. It looks great and we are proud to deliver it to you.

We set up Archie Living as a genuine family business and we all play a part in it. It was the kids who wanted to call our business ‘Archie’ named after someone who was very dear to us. That is where ‘Archie Living’ comes from.
Whilst we are small, there is no less ambition. Our aim is to become a ‘small global business’ and have our products being used by families all across the world.

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